What to expect from Paid Social in 2022

Happy New year! Slightly late to the party as Covid hit our house but here are my thoughts on what to expect from Paid Social in 2022…

👉FB ads are more effective than ever. Esp ads that keep you on the platform, so lead gen ads, messenger ads etc are proving really effective and great value.

👉Video, Video, Video. Short educational videos capture attention and thus convert like no other format. Expect this to only increase in 2022. If you’re not using video then lets chat about ways you simply and cost effectively.

👉Expansion of Social Commerce. We already saw huge strides in this area in 2021 and it’s set to continue in 2022 as we become more ‘ok’ with the concept. Something to note here. In my experience social media is great for discovery but not generally used as a shopping destination in it’s own right. I advise to make sure your IG/FB store is attractive and think carefully about your particular customer journey, it might be a case of prioritising ads for your best sellers and/or lower priced items.

👉Customer journey. This deserves its own point. This is really key to successful Ecomm ads. It needs to be as frictionless and easy and consistent as possible. In 2021 I’ve delivered ads that perform amazingly but then have huge drop offs due to expensive delivery costs, having to enter passwords to pay(!) As the marketplace gets more competitive these mistakes will be expensive.

👉Don’t rely on Paid social alone, I believe you can’t run a really effective paid social campaign without integrating it with email. The reasons for this are two fold 1. It’s another touchpoint or format. 2. ‘Owned’ data is INVALUABLE for targeting and will continue to be.

What are your thoughts?

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