Get Set to Grow

I offer bespoke training, tailored to your brand

With experience in both strategy and day to day delivery, I help clients the skills and confidence to take control of their own social media platforms, paid social advertising or email marketing.

Power Hour

  • a 20 minute chat to find out what specific area you want to focus on
  • I send you a form to fill in that will help me tailor the session to you and your brand
  • 1 hour training session either in person (location dependant) or over Zoom to hone in on your area of concern



A nurture package is 3 hour long training blocks for more in-depth training or to cover more areas than we could in one power hour.

As with the Power Hour we begin with

  • a 20 minute chat to find out a bit more about you and the challenges you want to tackle
  • I send you a form to fill in to help me tailor the session to you and your brand

Then depending on the nature of the training to be delivered and your availability the training can be delivered in 3 x hour long sessions or 6 half hour sessions, or a mix of the two.


A saving of 15% compared to 3 power hours.

The sessions must be completed in 8 weeks


I know that every business has it’s own unique marketing needs and that’s why I offer bespoke training courses, tailored to your brand.

I can put together packages that encompasses areas such as creating strategy, content, platform management, paid social and email marketing to all varying levels or locations. This way you can ensure everyone on your team is confident, competent and working cohesively.


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I can work with you to really make sure that your business is getting most impact and profit from marketing on social media. If you would like to discuss working with me, please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!