Supercharge your Social Media Strategy & Implementation Programme

Work with me to Supercharge your Social Media Marketing

Do you feel like you’re spending a lot of time on social media but aren’t sure it’s working for you and your business? 

Perhaps you feel like your winging it or feel totally overwhelmed?

Maybe you’d like to take things to the next level and invest in paid social ads, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you have dabbled but aren’t sure they worked for you?


Together we work to create a social media strategy that works for you; and I work with you on a 3 or 6 months basis to help you implement it.

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What’s included?

This is a truly bespoke programme, unique to your business needs. 

We work together to create a strategy and sales funnel based on what you want to achieve from social media and what’s realistic given the time and resources available. 

  • Platform, business manager and/or email marketing set up (where relevant)
  • Platform, ad account and email marketing account audit (where relevant)
  • Weekly catch up support calls
  • Monthly indepth review meeting/video call – where we can review plans, budgets and metrics in detail. 
  • Platform specific training for you and your team   
  • Advice on staffing and help implementing systems and processes.

From £750/month for either 3 or 6 months.



Who is this programme for?

Ecommerce Businesses

Service based Businesses

Those who want help creating AND implementing a social media strategy.


Who it’s not for?

Absolute beginners to social media marketing. Try Get Set to Grow if that’s you.

If you’re good with the ‘doing’ but just want the strategy try the ‘Supercharge your Social’ VIP day. 


Do I have to do ads or email marketing?

Absolutely not to either. Your business, your rules! 

I help you decide whether these are avenues worth pursuing and if so, help create a strategy for success. Doing the programme I can also set up ads manager and an integrated email platform and offer training on these areas if it’s right for your business. 


I already run ads. Do I still need you?

Maybe not! If you’re sure that your ads are working optimally and that you have a cohesive strategy that maximises the return on investment. 

If you’re not sure then give me a free no obligation call and we can discuss. 


When do you do Supercharge your Social Strategy & Implementation Programme?

 I run this programme year round, however due to the nature of the programme there is a limited number of businesses I can take on at one time. Give me a call to find out about my availability and waitlist. 


Where do you do Supercharge training?

 Wherever possible there will be a mix of face to face and remote coaching sessions. As this is bespoke to your business I am flexible to accommodate your needs. 


What about holidays during the coaching programme?

If we know of these holidays in advance we can adjust the schedule accordingly. If not, we can work out a mutually agreeable catch up as and when required.


Should I sign up to 3 months or 6 months?

It’s up to you and the level of support you would like. However, if you’re new to ads/email marketing and want to include these areas as well as organic social then the six months programme is advised.

Will you train my whole team?

Yes I can! 

What are your payment terms?

I invoice monthly for the agreed duration of the programme (3 or 6 months).  


How do I book?

Click here to arrange a call so we can discuss your requirements in more detail!

I can work with you to really make sure that your business is getting most impact and profit from marketing on social media.

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I can work with you to really make sure that your business is getting most impact and profit from marketing on social media. If you would like to discuss working with me, please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!