Reach more people and make more sales with a Facebook ads strategist

Outsourcing your ads to a specialist Facebook ads strategist is a big leap to take. 

So what difference will it make? And is it really worth the extra investment?

Well, if you want your ads to work harder for your business, the answer is a great big YES!

A professional, specialist ads strategist will make a difference in five very important ways:

1 They’ll save you time by doing the groundwork

A good ads strategist will put in the groundwork to set your ads up for success – saving you valuable time and money in the long run.

As part of my client onboarding process I get to know you, your business, your goals and your ideal customer.

I ask you about the lifetime value of a customer so that, together, you can set a realistic budget to bring in that business. No more wasting money!

As my background is in print and digital advertising, as well as social media and I will provide a full audit of previous ads performance across all platforms to inform your paid social strategy. I assess factors such as creative, creative budget and look at how well your website and landing pages are converting. Could this part of the customer journey be improved? It often can…

Social media advertising is an ever evolving field which can require additional compliance factors (for example compliant with GDPR or Apple’s iOS14 data targeting changes) or third party integrations. An ad strategist I know what is needed and what to do. And actually sometimes I don’t – it changes all the time. But I have spent years cultivating an extensive network of specialists, ranging from legal experts, to Facebook business manager experts, to Shopify experts, so that I know exactly where to turn if I do need to learn more about a development. . 

The result? You’ve received expert advice, making the process quicker, clearer and much, much cheaper!

2 They’ll find new customers  

A good ads manager will put a lot of time and care into researching and building the right audiences for your ads.

First, I look at ‘warm’ audiences – people who already know your products and services, such as your website visitors and people who connect with you on Facebook and Instagram.

Then I create a ‘prospecting’ audiences (people who are likely to be interested in your products or service) to seek out completely new customers, wherever they may be – sometimes in unexpected places!

But that’s not all…

 3 They’ll bring back lost customers

Is there anything more frustrating for your business than an abandoned cart?

It can be soul destroying to know a customer got so close to buying your goods, then bottled out at the last minute.

But, with the help of a good ads manager, all is not lost.

I retarget customers who leave precious goods languishing in their basket – and the ones who got to your landing page and didn’t sign up – and give them a good reason to take action.

In other words, your ads round up lost customers and bring them back where they belong!

4 They’ll make your ad budget go further

 Testing is an integral part of ads strategy and management. Areas to be tested are images, copy, headlines and audiences. The reason I test? It enables me to find the most cost-effective ways of reaching the right people and getting them to take the actions you want them to take.

Another way I ensure value to money is to adopt the ‘KISS’ strategy, that is ‘keep it simple, stupid’. I constantly review to make sure campaigns are as simple as effectively possible; and by taking a holistic approach.

For example, you may hear ad strategists get excited about funnels and nurture sequences. Whilst I love a good funnel, it’s not always necessary. In my experience, sometimes a solid organic presence and attention grabbing creative can be just as impactful and more cost effective.  

I report back to you monthly so you know where your money is going and the impact it’s having. It’s also an opportunity to discuss any changes or developments in the pipeline.

Fun Fact: One of my favourite things about social media advertising, as opposed to more traditional forms is that I can give an accurate ‘ROAS’ – that is return based on ad spend. I spent too many years defending the hard to measure return on print ads, so the fact I can now turn around and say ‘for every £1 you spend you got £8 back’ is a JOY!

5 They’ll know what to do if things go wrong (and when they go very right!)

So your ads are bringing in business – and then they stall. Or perhaps costs start to edge up. It can be a worrying time.

But fear not. A good ads strategies will be confident about troubleshooting these issues as they arise. Sometimes this is inevitable – at busy times such as Black Friday or in the run up to Christmas, your ad budget simply doesn’t go as far as it may have previously and we would plan accordingly. 

Other times, sometimes sh*t just happens -for example, an SEO update can cause a pixel plug in to disconnect. I can quickly see what has potentially happened, diagnose a problem and fix it (or get one of my handy network to if it’s super specialist!) so that your money doesn’t disappear down the drain.

…So what about when things go right? How do you make hay while the sun shines? 

An ad straight will seize this opportunity to talk about how to scale your ads for greater success – whether by increasing spend on the ads that work best or broadening the campaign to bring in a wider range of people. 

And, of course, I test everything at every stage, making sure I’m making the right decisions to get you the best value from your ad spend.

If these are the kind of differences you’d like to see in your business, drop me a line…

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