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To Boost or not to Boost?

That is the question! And what’s the alternative? Those little ‘promote’ and ‘boost’ buttons on your Facebook and Instagram posts look so appealing, don’t they?  A quick, cheap and hassle-free way to get more business? Yes, maybe. Or maybe not. Here’s the thing....

Reach your audience with inspiring content and get amazing return on your investment

Hi I’m Sarah

I help female-focussed brands connect with ambitious and affluent women.

You’ll want someone who ‘gets’ your brand, someone who can create beautiful and inspiring content, design ad campaigns that make an impact and, crucially demonstrate an impressive return on your investment.

How you can work with me


I understand that taking the plunge into Facebook & Instagram ads can be a daunting proposition. So you’ll want to work with someone who will really take the time to get to know your brand, your customers and who appreciates the importance of a strong return on investment.


Social media training


I know that every business has it’s own unique marketing needs and that’s why I offer bespoke training courses, tailored to your brand.

I can put together packages that ensure everyone on your team is confident, competent and working cohesively.


social media consultant


Does your business need a social media consultant?

Someone who can see the big picture, focus on your business vision and map out exactly how to use social media to get results. Using data analysis and creativity to get you where you need to be.


About Sarah Monteith

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I can work with you to really make sure that your business is getting most impact and profit from marketing on social media. If you would like to discuss working with me, please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!